My Home

by Riza Matibag Muyot
6:23nu; 20Sept2011

Can I ask why you don’t have a home?

And the Gypsy replied:

I am a wanderer. My home, you may not see because only a Nomad like me can understand. My home, I carry everywhere I go. My home, follows me wherever I may be. My home is where I belong and who belongs to me.

But what is your reason for calling it home?

And the Gypsy said:

My home is my reason for living and I am his reason for being. One cannot breathe without the other. One can only live because of the other. And the other survives only because of the other.

I said, I still don’t understand.

And the Gypsy answered:

My home is not a place. It is in the heart of the one who truly needs me and the one whom I also truly need in return. It is in the mind of the one who decided to keep me and the one whom I chose to stay. It is in the soul of the one who is whole because of me and the one who completes me. My home is where my spirit can be free but one who will hold me until we reach eternity.

Finally, the Gypsy said:

My home is in the mind, heart and soul of one who can and who will also call me his home.

Now, I fully understand.

My home is your home too… “Everday is a journey and the journey itself is home.” Matsuo Basho

I am Home where I settle myself
I am One with whom I find myself

I am One with my Home who settles in me
I am Home with the One who finds himself in me…

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